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DENOR - Mehmet Emin ADANALI - Scuba I am a Scuba Instructor who would like to offer you the key to another world within our own: Underwater!

• Especially when I like your attitude about Scuba, I offer classes for all levels, including instructor courses.

• My certifications: NAUI, PADI, SSI, DAN, First Aid/CPR and Oxygen Provider.

• Participated to various research and archaeological expeditions in conjunction with local university projects in Southern, Northern, and Baja California shores, Yucatan (Mexico) peninsula shores and cenotes (caverns).

• Participated in many “REEF” organizations across Pacific and Atlantic coasts.

• Participated in research studies such as “Diving and Aging”, “Recreational Dive Professionals Study”, “Project Dive Exploration” and “Flying after Diving – Micro-Bubbles”.

• Taught and certified several students since 1990s.

• Developed and applied first underwater work guidelines and safety rules in fish farm operations in Turkey; also designed and taught lectures under the subject of “Commercial Underwater Work Environment in Turkey: Risks and Safety Procedures".

• Designed and offered elective course schedules called “Underwater World and its Exploration through Safe Diving Practices” and “Creating a Safe Diving Environment and its Sustenance” which entails safety principles, basic first aid and medical issues related to underwater environment and scuba diving.