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I was born in Ankara, Turkey and completed Cankaya elemantary (1975) and Galatasaray high school (1983/115).


Currently I am an instructor at Bogazici University (The Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Western Languages and Literatures Department), the very same university where I graduated with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering (1989); I also collected an M.B.A. degree on Finance and International Business from SFSU while living in San Francisco for about 20 years where I earned my living as an IT & Internet consultant on management and financial systems; and despite all that, I don't the slightest idea how I got where I am now...


Since 2010, I am engaged with offering two courses on Comics theory, methodology, and history and another one investigating political allusions and postmodern mythologies in the 'Graphic Novel' movement. These are three-credits courses which I have created the syllabus, content, and pedagogical framework. Bogazici is the only academical institution at college level that offers courses on the subject matter.


As if these transgressions were not enough, I am also offering courses for adults on the same subject matter at BUMED and Bilgi-Egitim along a comics workshop with Galip Tekin and Ergun Gunduz.


I am also engaged in a course I concocted and dubbed 'Conversations in English' at BUMED where people get together and talk freely about 'everything'.


A restless person as I am, I recently felt compelled to join Alain de Botton's 'The School of Life' in Istanbul where I am a core faculty member and offering regular classes.


Yet, despite all the above and stubbornly enough, I also continue my consulting business that I built in San Francisco & Silicon Valley on IT and internet technologies. (